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BAND-MAID - 10th Anniversary Best Vol.2 CD

BAND-MAID - 10th Anniversary Best Vol.2 CD

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BAND-MAID marks their 10th anniversary with dual greatest hits collections. These releases include 30 of their most celebrated tracks from their indie era to their transition to CROWN Records and on to Pony Canyon. Unleash the power of every track! All songs REMASTERED for your listening pleasure. Long-standing supporters and newcomers alike will appreciate this musical tour-de-force of BAND-MAID's greatest works. This is the 2nd volume of the set.

Item number: CRCP-40665

<Included songs>
01. Shake That!!
02. the non-fiction days
04. Puzzle
05. secret My lips
06. Play
07. I can't live without you.
08. Rock in me
09. Screaming
10. Blooming
11. 輪廻 (Rinne)
12. NO GOD
13. After Life
14. Manners
15. Corallium
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