BAND-MAID CONQUEROR (CD + DVD) [First Limited Edition B]

BAND-MAID CONQUEROR (CD + DVD) [First Limited Edition B]

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Conqueror includes the song "Blooming" which was used in the Neflix action thriller film Kate. It is the sixth studio album from BAND-MAID.

Conqueror also includes the single "Glory", which was used as the second ending theme for the second season of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, and "Bubble", which was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama series Perfect Crime.

[Contents included] *
-CD- * Common to all types
・ Glory
・ Liberal
・ Endless Story
・ Mirage
・ At the drop of a hat
・ Wonderland
・ Azure
・ Bubble
・ The Dragon Cries
・ Flying high
・ Catharsis
・ Blooming
・ Reincarnation (Rinne)

MIKU KOBATO (Gt./Vo.), KANAMI (Gt.), MISA (Ba.), AKANE (Dr.) Instrumental Music
・ `` Onset '' (instrumental)
・ 「DICE」 (instrumental)
・ DOMINATION (instrumental

DVD is "region free", making it suitable for players worldwide.

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